SnapTeach Kids Learning Apps Features

Kids Learning Apps Features

Are you searching for  kids learning apps features that combine nonfiction text with high-definition pictures? If so, look no further you’ve just found SnapTeach Reading Comprehension Kids Learning Apps

When designing our learning app features, we placed an emphasis on preparing your child to become a better reader. That reading development allows children to explore 70 nonfiction stories that contain stunning visual images. As students explore each story, they will expand their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. Each story is paired with a reading comprehension exercise that directly assesses the child’s ability to answer a variety of question types.
Still not convinced that this app is the one that should occupy your child’s time and tablet?

Take a look at our well-designed kids learning apps features:

• Child-friendly interface
• Detailed images
• Many nonfiction stories
• A variety of question types, including: multiple choice, true/false questions, and matching
• Create your own passages or stories
• Compose your own assessment questions
• Detailed reading comprehension report for each child
• Different modes: practice and testing
• Content can be synced on multiple iPads
• App-enabled reader allows users to hear the text’s words and questions
• On-screen reader that allows students to see the text as they hear it
• Track multiple children’s progress by creating separate user accounts
• Vary text and image size to match individual preferences using the zoom in and zoom out feature

Two Distinct Modes:

The app has two distinct modes: Practice Mode and Test Mode. Students are provided with instant feedback in practice mode. These audio and visual cues provide positive reinforcement for students as they respond correctly to the questions. Meanwhile, the instant feedback also encourages reflection and correction when questions are answered incorrectly. Test Mode prepares students for authentic testing situations that require them to carefully assess questions.

Personalize the Content:

Our app allows parents and teachers to add content. This means that reading passages and/or comprehension questions can be added. You can increase a child’s motivation by adding a title, text, and picture to a brand new story that you write! Imagine the possibilities – the story could be the story of the passage, or a child’s favorite animal could be the text’s subject. Adding your own material is super easy with our interface. After creating the perfect text, add your own multiple choice questions to assess reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Detailed reports:

Detailed reports provide users with accurate progress reports. These reports can be sent directly to a teacher or parent’s email address.

Learning new words has never been easy! With the tap of a finger, users can hear unfamiliar words. As they listen to the pronunciations, children are building reading, writing, and vocabulary skills all at once.

Dropbox, a free web-based storage site, allows users to sync all the data to one convenient location. This means that the passages, images, questions, user accounts, and reports are accessible anywhere one has Internet access.

With our nonfiction-story driven apps, children will improve their reading skills. The colorful pics and instant feedback will motivate students to improve their reading skills, while enjoying the marvels of modern technology. We’re devoted to creating texts that will promote reading interest.

Best of all, the child can work at their own pace. Self-pacing promotes learning at school and at home.

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