Reading comprehension- Reading Skills

The Priceless Gift

The light bulb suddenly goes on! Your child sees that these letters are in the same order and they mean the same thing! Priceless. The gate is open to their learning experience now. Once a child begins with a reading readiness application and starts to comprehend what they are reading, it becomes a new form of entertainment for your child. An app that teaches your child reading readiness and prepares them to learn reading comprehension skills is a gift, a priceless gift.


Use Reading Readiness Apps

When a child is learning to read, it is an unexpected delight for the child when a story pops up that actually happened to them and it is written on the application itself!   For example a reading readiness application that gives you the opportunity to write your own stories and test questions is an amazing tool for your child. This application exists!

If your child just had a swimming pool party and met new friends, you could write information about this party and about the new friends and add pictures on this same reading app that is teaching your child reading readiness and reading comprehension skills. Your children will squeal with delight as they read these true stories about something that actually happened to them. Reading comprehension comes to life for a child on reading readiness applications. Get them started today!



User Friendly

When you purchase an application online for your child, it is very important that it is user friendly and age appropriate for your child. You don’t need your child frustrated when she is learning how to read and comprehend what she is reading. The application does exist and your child will have the tools to prepare for school. The application that teaches reading comprehension and reading readiness is the perfect start to a successful school year. It is a fun and interesting way to teach your children the basic reading readiness and reading comprehension skills and at the same time enjoy yourselves!


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