Reading Comprehension



So What Can You Do?

So what if your child is a little too tall or too short or needs a security blanket as he enters school? No problem, as these things work themselves out on their own. However if your child feels left behind because the other children know their alphabet or know how to spell their own names before kindergarten, this can cause a child to feel that something is wrong with their learning abilities. So while you cannot change the height of your child, you can be in control of their reading readiness and give your child the boost of confidence that they need at such an impressionable age.   Reading readiness is an important base for your child to begin learning anything at school. You won’t regret having your child use an interactive app for reading readiness and reading comprehension lessons. Start now.



Teach Children Reading Comprehension

When a child reads, an imagination is born. Reading comprehension is acquired through repetition while most parents don’t have a lot of time to teach this skill to their children. However, each child is opened up to a new world of sorts. Your children can learn reading comprehension skills at a very young age. Seeking the best age appropriate reading material and computer applications are important in order to instill these skills, and give you a helping hand, saving you some time.   Begin with reading material that gives a solid foundation of information about the world around them.   Give them a foundation to life, teach them reading comprehension skills and they will run with it.


The Little Person Laughed

The little person sits on the sofa and laughs at something they read in a book. It’s called reading comprehension. Last month, they didn’t even know how to read. How did they pick it up so quickly? Here is where you can smile and take some credit. After all it was you that found this great app online that taught your child reading readiness and reading comprehension skills. You don’t need to steal the child’s pleasure in what they accomplished and you lavish them with praise. But secretly you feel that it was all you, because you took the time to find that great application. Yes you are a miracle worker.



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