My Hand is Raised!

Students have a question – their first instinct is to _______. If you said, raise your hand or ask for help, give yourself ten points. Instead of always seeking help, students should work to answer their own questions. This promotes active learning.

Yes, the process sounds much easier than it is, but the following tips are sure to help:

• Look at a text’s title. What questions do you have?
• Do the titles of chapters pique your interest or leave you confused?
• Make note of anything that sparks your interest as you preview the text before reading.
• During the reading process, pause and record anything confusing or that you have specific questions about.
• As you continue reading, look for the answers to your questions.
• After you finish reading, evaluate if the text answered all of your questions. If you are still seeking answers, think about other resources that could aid you in finding answers.