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Reading Comprehension - Second And Third Grade Non-Fiction Animal Stories With Assessment

Reading Comprehension - Second And Third Grade Non-Fiction Animal Stories With AssessmentAre you searching for a way to provide your child with a literacy-rich learning environment? Are you trying to juggle the task of providing reading instruction for children that are working on different reading levels? Do you know children that love learning through interactive programs? If so, our educational apps are perfect for you. Snap-Teach reading comprehension apps have been designed with instructional interventions in mind that are research proven to provide students with differentiation, while improving their reading abilities.

Parents may be quick to say: why isn’t my child learning to read and understand what they read at school? Research notes that out of 4,469 minutes of reading instruction only 28 minutes or 0.63% of this time was designed for comprehension instruction. Simply stated, classrooms are filled with diverse learners that need diversification, (Durkin, 1979). Using our educational apps can provide your child with the individualized support they need to improve their reading comprehension.

As students access Snap-Teach apps from their personal tablet or Smartphone, they are provided with reading passages and questions to build their comprehension strategies. As students practice making sense of the words on a page, using reading strategies become habits that enable the child to progress through independent practice that translates into increased classroom performance. This technique directly correlates with what the Reading Next Report (2004) has noted as a primary concern: “Very few older struggling readers need help to read the words on a page, their most common problem is that they are not able to comprehend what they read.”

Snap-Teach apps are a form of instructional technology that supports comprehension instruction. These tools provide interactive access for students to independently practice and improve their reading comprehension through meaningful connections with texts in a more engaging and personalized format than traditional instructional methods, (National Reading Panel, 2000).

As noted in The Future of Children (2012), “Technology can be more than a tool for drilling students on skills; it can be a tool for acquiring the vocabulary and background knowledge essential to becoming a skilled reader”. This is our primary objective as the creators of Snap-Teach educational apps. Research conducted by Ofra Korat (2012) and Chambers, Slavin, Madden, Abrami, Tucker, Cheung, et al. (2008) shows that technology applications are improving reading skills for students, specifically in relation to phonological awareness, word-reading skills, and vocabulary knowledge. A thorough evaluation showed “comprehension received the largest increase and furthermore students who experienced technology scored more than a full standard deviation higher than those who received the identical classroom instruction…without technology.”

Clearly, parents, teachers, educators, and others involved in the academic progress of today’s children are advocating technology-based applications, such as what Snap-Teach provides. “Some 60 percent of district administrators and 55 percent of school principals endorsed the idea of technology’s importance” (Project Tomorrow, 2010). Additionally, the National Education Technology Plan (2014) calls for utilizing “advancing technologies in our daily personal and professional lives to our entire education system to improve student learning…”

It’s interactive, supports diversification, and is backed with a history of research that proves this form of reading instruction works! What are you waiting for? Let’s get started today using  Snap-Teach apps. Your child’s reading skills will never be the same!


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